Tracy Emerick, PhD

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Tracy Emerick, PhD

Tracy Emerick, PhD, is the epitome of a life lived fully and purposefully. A retired yet indefatigably busy individual, Emerick’s multifaceted career encompasses significant achievements across various domains.

Before embarking on his writing journey, Emerick made substantial contributions to the marketing world by authoring two marketing books, running a direct marketing agency for two decades, and dedicating ten years to marketing and business development consulting. His passion for service and leadership is evident in his roles as a state representative, church moderator, and chair of his town’s planning board.

Emerick’s academic achievements are equally impressive, with a BA in philosophy, an MBA, and a PhD in business administration. He has also shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with graduate students as a professor at several universities. On a personal note, Emerick has been happily married for fifty-three years, is a father to two, and a grandfather to five, embodying the roles of a family man with the same zeal he applies to his professional and civic duties.

He is the author of four compelling books that explore the intersections of influential figures and transformative concepts, including Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ, Consummate Coaches: Bill Belichick and Jesus Christ, Nifty Neighbors: Mister Rogers & Jesus Christ, and Constant Courage: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ.