Larry A. Lindsey

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Larry A. Lindsey

About the Author:
I was raised in Pasadena California, the home of the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl. I attended Pasadena High School, but ended up graduating from Kaiserslautern American High School while serving with the US army in west Germany- when there was an East and West Germany.

My time in the military was an experience that deeply resonated with me, and it might have evolved into a lifelong career were it not for the strong bond I shared with my family back home. It was within the military’s rigorous training regimens that I confronted my physical limits for the first time. Among them, airborne training stands out as a grueling challenge that revealed my capacity to surpass what I once believed were insurmountable boundaries. Even now, I draw upon the reservoir of strength that those experiences instilled in me whenever the need arises.

Surprisingly, the inception of “The Dream Plane” emerged from the depths of a dream itself. Initially conceived as a short story, it soon took on a life of its own, evolving into a full-fledged novel.
While I had always harbored a passion for writing, the prospect of crafting a novel had never crossed my mind. My writing endeavors had primarily revolved around the realm of poetry, with occasional forays into limericks and short stories.

About the Book:
The Dream Plane is an adventure into a dimension found by few. Daniel is one of these few who knows the way there and the way back. Through his many journeys, he has made friends as well as an enemy. This terrorist haunts the dreams of Daniel’s wife as a twisted form of payback upon Daniel. Now Daniel must learn the deeper ways of the dream plane in order to defeat this formidable foe! Through the journal of a young woman written nearly 200 years ago and the guidance of a Navajo Medicine Man, Daniel begins his education and training.