Diane Vann

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Diane Vann

Book Title: Undermining the US Constitution

About the Author:

Diane Vann, RN graduated with a B.S.N. from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska in 1974 and M.S.N. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1986. She is married with no children. Her primary interests are nursing and health promotion. She is a Frederick Douglass Republican.

In an advertisement in weekly and daily newspapers January, 2010, paid for by her, in which she announced her candidacy in the Republican primary for the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, 8th District, Georgia, she wrote “that President Obama is a run-of-the-mill communist who has cloaked himself in a ‘second Messiah’ kind of mystique. She recommends that Americans read for themselves the ‘Communist Manifesto’ or ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’ written by Karl Marx in 1848 and contrast it to our ‘Declaration of Independence,’ the ‘Constitution of the United States of America’ and the ‘Gettysburg Address.'” She writes this book as an aid for fulfilling that objective.”

About the Book:

As a nurse I have been in situations where patients learned very bad news about the state of their health, news that was not received well by them, their families, or even their medical team. When preparing this book, my feelings were much the same as when I was in those situations.

The bad news about the health of our nation is, like cancer in a patient’s body, communism (also known as “Marxism”) has grown in the United States. Like cancer, it started with an unnoticed seed and grew insidiously with little sign or symptom. Now like cancer, communism is on the brink of overwhelming us.

Because I know that knowledge of their cancer is essential to my patient’s first step towards survival, I believe that knowledge of our communism is essential to the United States of America’s first step towards survival.

So within this book, I describe: how I learned about the symptoms (The Real Communist Threat Witnessed); the disease (the Introduction and Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Communist Manifesto); the current signs and symptoms and the treatment and cure (Constitution versus Communist Manifesto: The War within America).

Extremist Socialists, also known as Communists, like Extremist/Radical Islamists believe their ends justify their means (that is: lying, cheating, stealing, and killing).