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David Piper

Author of “Escaping Our Fallen Nature”

In his book, David Piper shares over 40 personal anecdotes that delve into his struggles with various temptations, particularly chronic feelings of quitting. Through these narratives, Piper aims to uplift readers grappling with discouragement, illustrating that positive transformation is possible. He recounts his own journey, from once being completely antisocial to becoming a dedicated prayer partner for Crossroads’ TV program, 100 Huntley Street, since 1994. Recognizing this transformation as a result of divine grace, Piper faithfully follows his calling, intertwining personal stories with scripturally-based teachings in his book to inspire readers to believe in their own potential for change.

Following his graduation from Horizon Bible College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1976, David Piper served as a pastor in four provinces across Western Canada for over 11 years, often balancing pastoral duties with school bus driving. He also provided counseling during city crusades led by prominent evangelists such as Billy Graham in Winnipeg in 1967 and James Robison in Hamilton in 1991. Residing in Hamilton since 1991, Mr. Piper and his wife have been actively engaged in various community activities. He conducted weekly Bible studies in a high-rise apartment from 2003 to 2019 (except 2009) and volunteered as a driver for his church’s bus ministry during the same period. The couple are proud parents to a married son, who, like his father, serves as a bus driver in the city of Ottawa, and have two wonderful grandchildren. 


Escaping Our Fallen Nature

As the fall of this tree following an ordinary weather event surprised its community, revealing that the roots beneath the surface had decayed, the minor turbulences in our own lives will often reveal that the foundation on which we have built our lives has severe deterioration just beneath the surface also. It is when we come to realize that our falling flat on our faces was caused by our corrupt hearts that many of us will then look outside of ourselves for an escape.

The scripturally based explanations in this book, plus the stories of how God always provides a way of escape, inspires us to acknowledge the only way of us successfully escaping our fallen nature is exchanging it for a new one. “Escaping Our Fallen Nature” will challenge us to examine our hearts to see if we have this new nature, and if we do, discerning which one is in control. While exposing the lies that have hindered us from getting free, this book will cause us to appreciate our new nature’s ability to generate a power that will outlast our troubles, defeat our temptations, erupt our joy, and grow our assurance of eternal life.