Book Signing and Book Reading

The Message

Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen

Calling all historical memoir lovers! Meet Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen, the author behind the intriguing book, The Message. Be ready to feel nostalgic!
About the book: At the end of World War II, in disregard of international agreements, the Soviet Union imposed communism in the areas given to it as Sphere of Influence. With this, a new value system was introduced into people’s lives with consequences no one could predict. Reviewing his life in communist Romania, the author shows how a changed way of thinking determined a changed way of living, how Marxism altered the nation’s psychology and, in the end, ruined its own goals.
Swipe through the photos below to be in the know of the overflowing literary talent and book-loving energy as Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen shared his love for the written art within the very walls of our bookstore. It was truly a page-turner of a morning!