Author of the Month

Author of the Month

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Tracy Emerick, PhD

1. Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ
2. Consummate Coaches: Bill Belichick and Jesus Christ
3. Nifty Neighbors: Mister Rogers & Jesus Christ
4. Constant Courage: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ.

James Victor Anderson

1. An occasional Damage Of Roses
2. The Heart Has A Homely Face
3. Immersion Into Quantum Creek
4. Not Unlike A Madman In Cheap Sandals
5. Dance Without A Rack Of Bones Within

Diane Vann

1. Undermining the US Constitution

Larry A. Lindsey

1. The Dream Plane: A Tale of Metaphysical Fiction


1. Laurel: Bride of Arkansas
2. Brady (Bachelors and Babies Book 15)
3. Rebecca's Renegade: A Brides of Texas Code Story
4. Christmas in Texas Collection
5. Code of Honor

Frank Tainter, Ph.D.

1. ¿Eres tú?: A History of Lonquimay
2. Fish Culture in Yellowstone National Park: The Early Years: 1900-1930


What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell: Words Not to Be Forgotten

Lorri-Ann Champagne

1. The Common Threads Trilogy Book I
2. The Common Threads Trilogy Book II
3. The Common Threads Trilogy Book III

Forrest Oldham

1. California Covered Bridges Pre 1900’s
2. Honey Run Tribute

Rachel G. Carrington

The Early Years: A Memoir

Karen A. Boxell

Buster Brown's World
Buster Brown's Neighborhood

Marilyn B. Wassmann

The Opossum and the Cats
Pen Scratching Poets
What the Wind Blew In

Norman Currey

Airplane Stories and Histories

David Piper

Escaping Our Fallen Nature