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The Maple Staple is not just a bookstore, but a community hub for book lovers and aspiring independent authors. Our mission is to create a space that celebrates the written word and fosters a love for reading in the digital age. We pride ourselves on our commitment to supporting up-and-coming independent authors and providing them with a platform to showcase their work.

Our bookstore features a carefully curated selection of books across a range of genres, with a particular emphasis on independent and self-published authors. We believe that every author has a unique voice and perspective to share, and we are passionate about promoting diverse and underrepresented voices in the literary world.

In addition to our bookstore, we also host a variety of events and activities that promote community engagement and literary culture. From book signings and new release parties to book clubs and writing workshops, there is always something happening at The Maple Staple.

We believe that reading and writing are powerful tools for personal growth and social change, and we are dedicated to creating a space where people can come together to share their love of books and support one another in their literary endeavors. Whether you’re a lifelong bookworm or just discovering the joy of reading, we invite you to join us at The Maple Staple.

It is more than just writing books

Writing books is a creative and fulfilling pursuit that allows writers to bring their stories, ideas, and imaginations to life and connect with readers, using imagination, craftsmanship, and discipline to create lasting impact in the literary world.


bringing written works to life and offering a diverse array of books for readers to explore.

Selling Book

offers the opportunity to connect customers with the stories and ideas they love, using knowledge, customer service skills, and a passion for reading to make a difference in their lives.


refining and shaping written works to ensure they are polished, engaging, and ready for readers, requiring a keen eye for detail, deep understanding of language, and commitment to excellence.


diverse group of passionate people who bond over their shared love of reading and learning, providing a warm and inclusive space for connection, inspiration, education, and growth.


Authors and publishers are welcome to display their titles on a consignment basis, which can be managed personally or by a distributor. Simply reach out to the store manager for prior arrangements and to discuss details. Consignment approval is at the store manager’s discretion. Please e-mail inquiry@themaplestaple.com for our consignment package.

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