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Authors can schedule their own in-person appearance in the bookstore, where they can discuss their work, interact with readers, and even sign copies of their books.

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One title is selected each month to be featured in store and online. The work gets prime spot placement on window and inside the store. A banner display is also put up on the landing page of our website. Selections may be made from author's submission for consideration.

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Author submissions that do not get selected as Author of the Month may still be displayed in our best-seller section, granted that the title performs well in sales and is exceptional in quality. The book will be displayed in a discrete area alongside other well-known authors.


Authors and publishers are welcome to display their titles on a consignment basis, which can be managed personally or by a distributor. Simply reach out to the store manager for prior arrangements and to discuss details. Consignment approval is at the store manager’s discretion. Please e-mail for our consignment package.

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Read on, fellow human, and share in the joy, despair, and epiphanies that our poets detailed in their works.

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Writing books makes the world go round

The Maple Staple is a bookstore and community hub that caters to up-and-coming independent authors. It’s also a venue for new releases, book signings, and book clubs, with a goal of promoting love for the written work in the digital age.

It is more than just writing books

Writing books is a creative and fulfilling pursuit that allows writers to bring their stories, ideas, and imaginations to life and connect with readers, using imagination, craftsmanship, and discipline to create lasting impact in the literary world.


bringing written works to life and offering a diverse array of books for readers to explore.

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offers the opportunity to connect customers with the stories and ideas they love, using knowledge, customer service skills, and a passion for reading to make a difference in their lives.


refining and shaping written works to ensure they are polished, engaging, and ready for readers, requiring a keen eye for detail, deep understanding of language, and commitment to excellence.


diverse group of passionate people who bond over their shared love of reading and learning, providing a warm and inclusive space for connection, inspiration, education, and growth.

New Release

An Occasional Damage of Roses

by James Victor Anderson

The purpose of Andersons poetry is not to try to seek that which is already within us but that which we have always known since infancy as a viable factor in where we have arrived. And still we travel, discover, and grow with the speed of dawn. Poetry which merely tells a story or points to a deeper meaning does not have the power of taking you by the leash and unfastening it. That alone should frighten a traveler. The art of poetry itself is never a saving factor but is merely a voice found in the heart of one who has never given up in spite of the beatings. Doesn’t this explain most of us still on the journey?


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