Best Seller Books

Dr Paul F Macvittie

People determine who they will become by the choices they make. This book helps coach people how to choose wisely so they can live with purpose and balance.

Darcy Kuehn

Lost and Found


Poems of Inspiration, Love and Spirituality: Part 2 Poetry in Overdrive

Forrest Oldham

California Covered Bridges Pre 1900’s

Robert Cabell

1. Jayms Blonde And His Hair-Raising Adventure Project Popcorn - In Graphic Detail (The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Jayms Blonde)
2. The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Jayms Blonde: Project Popcorn

Tom Peacock


Rachel Carrington

The Early Years: A Memoir

Raju Ramanathan _ Christina Theophilos

Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Teachers in Promoting Global Educational Harmony

Lanton Hamby

Kugelach Stones for a Dagger

Osilama Osime

Repentance: The Good News

Kathleen Dutton

Out of Habit: Sometimes we dare to change the things we do strictly...

Keith Paul Phillip

1. Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste
2. All In One Mystery
3. The Reflection of the Tears are Dangling in the Pond: Something for the Times

James Lincoln

Believe, Believe, Believe

Jerry Staudenraus

Moonbeams and Poetry: For Those Whose Ears Are Pricked and Tongues That Are Long-Drawn

Ettenig Sayam

Aren & Élise

Gail Prentice

The Legacy of One

David Cuomo

The Detective's Quota

Dr Carlton O Rork

A Christian Manifesto for the Twenty-First Century

Cleveland Eason

A Sailor's Advice on Life

D.L Patillo

1. Jessie's World: Mommy's Lil' Helper
2. Jessie's World: The New Baby

Cheryl Bachand

Ample Apples Arrive for Anne

Christy Primmer

Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie: A Woman's Journey to Loving Herself and Living Free

Bill Forhan

Adventures of a Serial Entreoreneur

Catherine Fitzgerald

Adventures of a Wannabe Hippie

Xiomara Rodriguez

How Could It Be?

Barbara Williamson

The Journey of the Most Liberated Woman in America